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Etched Sterling bracelets set with Gaspeite
"Home", Pendant, Boulder opal and moonstone set in sterling silver
Hand knotted choker; Moonstone, peridot and amethyst
Ammonite earrings with garnet, peridot, and sterling silver



I am a working artist who creates custom handmade jewelry pieces. 

Please browse through my portfolios of jewelry.

Contact me when you find something that touches you.  


Thank You!


"Born with the desire to create, I have a primal voice that guides my art.

To create, I have to be moved by something, a landscape, the flash of fire in a stone, the beat of wings through air, a powerful rhythm.

I have traveled into and out of many different mediums throughout my life, pencil, metal, glass, stone.

Presenting my vision to the world is an ever-evolving process."  

Christina Norlin,  Flagstaff, Arizona, 2014


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custom handmade sterling silver jewelry set with turquoise, labradorite, moonstone, and many other beautiful stones, gems and fossils

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