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This beautiful woman is my Grandmother

Ina Hill, known to my sister and me as



She is my Muse.

I feel her presence in my studio  & home.

She taught me knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, baking, canning.

A woman of grace and integrity.

I dedicate this website to her.



 I was raised in a suburb of Chicago and fled the Midwest at the tender age of 14. I found myself in the desert north of Tucson, Az. in boarding school to finish my last 2 years of high school. While on a camping trip in1975 in Oak Creek near Sedona, I hitch hiked up the switch backs to find Flagstaff. The second I saw the San Francisco Peaks and smelled my first scent of the Ponderosas, it was love!


I enrolled in NAU in 1976 to pursue a degree in Graphic Design and never looked back. I have had a deep and lasting romance with the desert ever since arriving in Arizona. I have to be moved by something to make art – an image, an event, changes of light. I’m especially inspired by light passing through glass.


I’ve been on the path of this creating a long time. As a child, I spent most my time drawing or creating something out of wood, paper, leather or beads. 


Now, bold, elegant, and striking imagery influenced by the spirit of the earth infuses all of my work. Elemental forms emerge of deep ochre canyons, velvet wings, skyscapes, and travertine pools. I've been told my work is poetry in glass, silver and beads.


Long before I worked in glass, I made jewelry and strung beads. My suburban Chicago high school had an exceptional art program with an out standing jewelry department. Reintroducing myself to jewelry has been tugging at my soul for years – and now I have returned to it.


Every piece I create is a new chance to learn something beyond where I was when I woke up that morning. My art is uniquely mine, my vision, my emotions, my design – all of it to share. And now I am open to creating from your vision. Custom Jewelry, Glass, Earthy,Tribal Sandblasting on glass & silver


I love working with images that symbolize the spiritual power of nature. My love of the Grand Canyon and the sacred San Francisco Peaks, our Western light and the flora and fauna that exist in our home keep me filled with ideas and inspirations. As light flows through glass, I hope this natural beauty flows through my work.



Christina Norlin

Raven’s Eye Creative Werks 

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