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Sandblasted Glassware

This is a collection of custom bottle and glass sets and medallion designs that I have done. These are full bottles of wine, whiskey, port, you name it, I can create a one of a kind, unforgettable gift for anniversaries, milestone birthdays, weddings, babies, company gifts. I love working with people to bring their visions into reality.

Magnum of Port, A Wedding Gift
Logo Bottle & Glass set
Happy Orca Bottle & Glass set
Mountain, Trees & Big Dipper Set
Mountain, Trees & Big Dipper
Aspen Annie Landscaping
Sisters = love
Museum of Northern Az set
Cosmo bottle
Viola Awards Set
Viola bottle back
FSO bottle 2011
Man in the Maze Set
Pastor Steve
Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra Set
Heron Medallion
Wedding Medallion
Turtle Island
Life Love Joy Medallion Series
Sullivan Scully Medallion Series
3ravens medallion 09.jpg
3.candles vessels.jpg
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