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Place of My Strength

Created 2005, size 32" x 44",  Stained glass and copper foil, framed in red oak


The Tree of Life: This piece was originally designed for a hospital chapel. This design was inspired by one of my favorite trees on a great trail in Flagstaff called Fat Man's Loop. She is an ancient Alligator Juniper Tree that lives on the top of the trail. There is a perfect rock to sit upon and a long low branch that reaches out for one to lean against and say a prayer or two while resting under her immense canopy.

Please call  me for information on price and delivery. 928-699-6824

Costa Rica- Metamorphois


Created 2011 18" x 26", stained glass and copper foil.

Please call  me for information of price and delivery. 928-699-6824


When I first saw a Blue Morpho float by me in the jungle, I was transfixed by it's color and size, almost 6" across! Inside the full moon, I sandblasted a poem by Rumi,

Defeated by Love

The sky was lit 

by the splendor of the moon
So powerful
I fell to the ground
Your love 
has made me sure
I am ready to forsake
this worldly life
and surrender to the magnificence
of your Being.


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